Keeping that New Look!

There is nothing nicer than the look of a nice new shower screen!  But keeping it looking that way can be a pain, soap scum and other grime builds up on the glass.  However, you can take the pain out of cleaning your screen by following some simple cleaning tips.

Cleaning Your Shower Screen

MicrofibreCleaning your shower screen can be done in many ways, so you will need to find a method that best suits you.  Most commonly people tend to use a special cleaning solution, we provide all our customers with a bottle of shower screen cleaner which is perfect for the job.  (However if you prefer to use something more "green" white vinegar is an alternative.)  It is best to clean your shower screen while it is wet, so do it after a shower, or run some water onto the screen first.  Spray the shower screen with the cleaning product and allow it to sit for a few minutes and then clean it off using a gentle, non abrasive cloth so that you don't scratch the glass.  You will then need to rinse the glass thoroughly to remove all traces of the cleaner.  For a beautiful streak free finish, dry the glass using a squeegee or a microfibre cloth.  To get the outside of the glass sparkling clean, use a glass cleaner in conjunction with a soft, lint free cloth.

Clean Your Shower Regularly

squeegeeIt doesn't matter what your preferred method of cleaning your shower screen is, it is more about how often you clean your screen.  It is vital that you clean your screen regularly – at least once a week.  Doing this means that soap scum, residue from shampoos and conditioners and other grime don't have the chance to build up and harden.  Once it has hardened it is an nightmare to clean.  So save yourself some hassle and rinse your shower after every use and clean it weekly.

Avoid Harsh Cleaners

It may seem like the best thing to do is use a strong cleaner on your shower screen to cut through the soap scum and grime quickly but you are not doing yourself any favours by doing this.  Harsh cleaners such as bleach will actually damage the glass in your shower screen. This leads to more problems such as the calcium in the water actually etching your shower screen and the rubber that is used in sealing the screen to rot and/or discolour .